‘Sain Nomun’ Monastery was established in the Nalaikh District in 1990. Since that time, 20 years have already passed by.

When it was established, few enlightened monks were disciples at the monastery. Nowadays this monastery is expanding and as a result has become a religious complex center and it has many monks and disciples.

‘Sain Nomun’ Monastery is organizing various religious activities beside paying attention for the education of monks. It has founded the religious secondary school called ‘Gurvan Erdene’ and obtained support from the Mongolian Buddhist Religious Center ‘Gandan-Tegchenlin’ Monastery and Great Teacher Bakula Rinpoche since 1998. It is also now it teaching general secondary and religious education to preteen children according our program.

Many students have graduated from the ‘Gurvan Erdene’ Religious Secondary School since it was established and some of them are continuing their studies to push higher education at domestic and foreign temples, monasteries, religious institutes and universities. They are studying and working diligently the develop their country and monastery.     

The teachers with the title of Learned Lama of Religious Philosophy who came from the foreign countries are teaching lessons of religious orientation to students who are studying at this school and the skilled teachers are teaching lessons of general education. The students will then graduate with a double profession.

In the past years, we had worked with the aim of the ‘Sain Nomun’ Monastery becoming a religious complex center that combined traditional Buddhist religious of Mongolia with the present. The construction work was completed and started operations in a short time, which resulted in the establishment of Mongolia’s first monastery which combined the tradition religious traditions with modern society.

Also in addition of the ‘Sain Nomun’ Monastery complex is carrying out religious teachings, it is providing various services in cooperation with public and religious organizations.

We wish much success to and sincerely thank the many believers and almsgivers who are helping to us all time, the general public, business partners and companies who have helped to us to build the complex center in time for the 20th anniversary of establishment of the Buddhist ‘Sain Nomun’ Monastery in Nalaikh district.


The ‘Sain Nomun’ Monastery was first named ‘Dash-Choinkhorlin’ or ‘Ulziit Nomiin Khurden’, when it was first established by the Association of Believers of Nalaikh District in 1990, supported by J.Tseveendorj, who is the old Chief of Association.

The first Buddhist religious monastery that was opened in the Nalaikh District by a delegation composed of prominent Lamas Gavj (the rank of the lama) Gombosuren, Navaanluvsan, Dansranjav, Dania, Dashdondog and Luvsandamba who were disciples at the Monastery at that time.

In 1992, when this monastery expanded, the elder lamas chose Nergui (surname Sainbuyan), who graduated from a religious university, to be the Bishop of the ‘Dash-Choinkhorlin’ Monastery and left the ministration activities to him.

After that, he and the Lamas of the Monastery moved the monastery to same position of the present monastery where they laid the foundation named Seruun Denj, and changed name to the ‘Sain Nomun’ Monastery. They also began construction of new temple facilities and launched the teaching of religious lectures to preteen children in order to prepare for the new management of the monastery.

There are 4 basis sections of activities at the ‘Sain Nomun’ Monastery Complex consisting of: religious custom and religious ministration; secondary schooling and religious education; meditation, yoga and psychology training; and humanities, creative arts, etc…

Also, this Monastery as a religious secondary school is carrying out activities that are coordinated with many public organizations in order to prepare new professional managers, increase knowledge, provide an education of lamas (students) and support the NGO named ‘Buyan Nomiin Khurden’ in order to promote traditional religious customs and morals to the younger generation and general public. The Meditation Center called ‘Art of Living’ or Shiri Shiri Meditation Center was established to provide culture enlightenment. The training center named ‘Urlahui-uran Zurag’ was established in order to teach creative arts and the international foundation called ‘Social Wellfare-Cooperation’ was established in order to give activities of human orientation and support the foundation named ‘Sain Buyan’. The training center named ‘Urlahui-uran Zurag’ was established within the grounds of the Monastery Complex and the center’s professional skilled teachers are teaching lessons and providing training to those who want to study art orientation and the students of the religious secondary school.


The ‘Sain Nomun’ Monastery is located in the tourist region of Nalaikh district which is the priority of the monastery, in this respect the monastery has an opportunity to popularize among tourists the national and traditional religious culture and art In cooperation with other tourist organizations the monastery is engaged in national culture and art performances and in popularizing to the public and foreign tourists religious rituals and mask dance ‘Tsam’.